WHITE SPRINGS is an entirely volunteer, not for profit, Fire Corporation that serves the Town of Geneva Fire Protection District. There a pressing need for more volunteer firefighters, both locally and nationwide. If you have ever considered joining the volunteer fire service, now is the time to act: you can really make a vital contribution to your community.

What is involved? White Springs provides fire suppression, vehicle rescue, and basic life support first response services for the Town of Geneva with first-call responsibilities in the central part of the Town. Members are trained to be effective deliverers of these services.

How much time is required? We do have some minimum requirements, but we certainly don't expect that a member show up for every department function. There is a place for almost anyone's timetable.

What is expected of me? Personnel can work at their own comfort level. We have structural firefighters who are trained in breathing apparatus and ladder work, we have firetruck operators, we have emergency medical personnel, and we have various support roles.

What will it cost me? You will be stuck with the (tax-deductible) cost of travel to and from fire alarms and training. Direct expenses for equipment, training, and medical screening are met by White Springs.

What is accomplished? First and foremost there is satisfaction in being technically capable of assisting neighbours and visitors in times of an emergency. You will also contribute to the retention of a conservative property tax environment; the national value of volunteer firefighters has been estimated at $20 billion per year (1991 dollars).

To find out more about us. All sorts of ways: Leave us a message at 759-5076, drop us a line, speak to a member, or, better yet, stop by on any Monday evening. You will find a warm welcome in a fundamental community service. The firehouse is located on PreEmption Road, 1/2 mile south of Routes 5 & 20.

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